Spelling Bee 2018

Knowing another language is like having a second soul.

Sometimes we take for granted the privilege of being bilingual. Just the fact of learning a new language and culture is a great accomplishment in itself.

Almost 30 years ago, Day-Star School brought that opportunity to Juticalpa, giving the young ones a change of immersing in the english culture and american culture. Today, 10 other schools have adopted the trend that Day-Star Started, committed with giving the department of Olancho a brighter future.

To celebrate such accomplishment, Day-Star School hosted the first municipal Spelling Bee amongst bilingual schools in Juticalpa.

The participating schools were:

  • Castle Bilingual School
  • Brilliant Minds School
  • Centro Escolar Bilingüe Santa Clara
  • Day-Star School

The competition was divided in 3 levels:

  • First Level (1st and 2nd grade)
  • Second Level (3rd and 4th grade)
  • Third Level (5th and 6th grade)

After 20 rounds of fierce competition, one by one the contestants were eliminated, until it came to a sudden death round to determine the winners of each level.

The final results were:

First Level

  1. Adriana Cardona (Centro Escolar Bilingüe Santa Clara)
  2. Amelia Henriquez (Brilliant Minds)
  3. Francisco Ordoñez (Day-Star School)

Second Level

  1. Lila Skallman (Day-Star School)
  2. Isabella Pagoada (Day-Star School)
  3. Amanda Canales (Day-Star School)

Third Level

  1. Lisa Garcia (Centro Escolar Bilingüe Santa Clara)
  2. Alondra Banegas (Day-Star School)
  3. Ashley Erazo (Day-Star School)
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