Spelling Bee 2017

The language we use influences the way we think – Steven Pinker


Thanks to the great work of the Star-Day school staff, the 2017 Spelling Bee was a very successful event.

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Each year, 3 students from each section are selected to participate in the contest in which their spelling skills are tested.
The students are sorted into 3 levels:

  1. Fist and Second grade
  2. Third and Fourth grade
  3. Fifth and Sixth

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The contest began with Mrs. Skallman giving the guidelines to follow during the contest. She also explained how it was an honor for the children who were participating.

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After 2 hours and 12 rounds full of suspense, the contest ended with the respective winners of each category.


1st Level:
1st Place – Sophia Valentina Ochoa
2nd Place – Gonzalo de Jesús Rivas
3rd Place – Abner Isai Turcíos


2nd Level:
1st Place – Brittany Lynette Zelaya
2nd Place – Jeremy Rigoberto Motiño
3rd Place – Froylan Said German


3rd Level:
1st Place – Carlos Alfredo Barralaga
2nd Place – Dennis Leonardo Turcios
3rd Place – Ingrid Yossuary Ochoa


Congratulations to the winners!

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