Math Olympics

Day-Star School comes out victorious from the Math Olympics

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Friday, March 10


Day-Star School was host of the Municipal Math Olympics 2017, contest in which the students had the chance to apply their skills and knowledge to obtain the desired trophy.


These were some of the Participating Schools:

Centro Educativo Modelo

Instituto Departamental la Fraternidad

Instituto Bilingüe Santa Clara

Instituto Oscar Cardenal Rodriguez

Instituto Evangelico Helen Luce

Instituto Pedagogico Manuel Antonio Santos

Castle Bilingual School

Instituto San juan de Jutiquile


After 3 hours of fierce competition, these were the results for the Day-Star School students:

1st Level:
Angel Rivera (Gold Medal)
Elsa Pagoada (Silver Medal)


2nd Level:

Andres Matute (Gold Medal)
Denylson Ordoñez (Silver Medal)

3rd Level:
Gabriel Palacios (Silver Medal)
Vidal Sandoval (Bronze Medal)
With a combined score of 170 points, Day-Star School won the trophy for the 2017 Municipal Math Olympics 2017.


Congratulations to all the Winners.

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