School Information
Information about Day-Star

Day-Star School is divided into three sections; Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, primary (1-6), and secondary (7-12). Each section has its own Honduran director. The directors deal directly with the teachers, the students, as well as the parents. They do the necessary paperwork, as required by the Honduran Ministry of Education.

Mark Skallman, as general manager, supervises the hiring of teachers, building construction, scheduling, as well as curriculum development. Betty Skallman is the school principal and handles the day-to-day operation of the school. She oversees the directors, teachers, and office employees, as well as representing the school management before parents, the public and the Ministry of Education.

Classes begin the around the 22nd of August and end the first or second week of June. The school gives two weeks of vacation at Christmas/New Years and one week of vacation at Easter. There are various national holidays during the course of the school year.

A Little History

Mr. and Mrs. Skallman first came to Honduras in 1980. They started working at El Alba bilingual school in Siguatepeque. The owners of this school were also Baha'i's. In 1987 the Skallmans left Siguatepeque and decided to found a school. Mr. Skallman chose Juticalpa as the location for the new bilingual school because it had a fast growing economy and had, in his opinion, an ideal climate.

Day-Star School began operations in August of 1988. Mark and Betty Skallman and John and Jenny Bower were the original owners. The Skallmans met the Bowers because they also worked at El Alba and belonged to the Baha'i faith. They rented Don Roberto Alvarez's house in Barrio de Jesus as their first school.

The school began with 23 students in Kinder through fourth grades. By the end of the first school year, the school had about 50 students. Martha Rubí Mendez was the first principal of the school. Jenny Leen Bower was the vice-principal. In November of 1989, the school moved to its present location. At the time, the only building was one office building (where the administration and Mrs. Skallman office is currently located). Mr. Skallman divided the building into 5 classrooms and two bathrooms.

John and Jenny Bower left the school in 1992. Consequently Mr. Hausauser, who was a teacher at the time, became a partial owner, later that year. In 2002 Mr. Hausauer left the school and went to the United States.