Values and Excellence
for a Brighter Future


Day-Star School is a bilingual school located in Juticalpa in the eastern part of Honduras. The school was founded in 1988. It is currently owned and operated by Mark and Betty Skallman, North Americans, who have lived and worked in Honduras since 1980. Day-Star School currently encompasses Pre-School through 12th Grade.

The school is accredited with the Honduran Ministry of Education, and as such, follows the Honduran curriculum for education. All classes, except for Spanish grammar, civics, and some social studies, are taught in English. Therefore, the teaching staff includes both North American and Honduran teachers. The student body is mostly Honduran, whose parents live and work in the community.


Day-Star School believes that childhood is the key to success for the future of our society. We aim to train students with personal academic excellence, cultivating in them optimism, spiritual security and an appreciation for different cultures; guiding them to their duties and responsibilities with themselves, their family, community, nation and humanity.


We, at Day-Star School firmly believe that young people are the key to society\'s future. Based on this idea, we believe our purpose then is to develop within our students academic excellence, spiritual assurance, dedication to helping others and an appreciation for other cultures. We, therefore, propose to guide them towards a sense of duty and responsibility to themselves, their family, their community, their nation and all humanity.
We offer an education that will motivate these young people to become excellent scholars and compassionate human beings, eager to become an example for the entire human race. Our philosophy begins with four principal concepts:

1. VALUES (Development of morals in order for children to be better able to distinguish between good and bad)
2. EXCELLENCE (Creating in the student both academic and personal excellence)
3. UNDERSTANDING (Development of human relations)
4. SERVICE (Helping your fellow man)

Through a cooperative effort by parents, teachers, and administration, we can achieve the development of this philosophy for the well-being of all.